Swim, bike, run, write.


Hi! I'm Jenny.
I'm a communications executive by day,  and a triathlete in every other spare moment. I took up triathlon in 2016, after making the mistake of going to spectate at Ironman UK and Ironman Wales in 2015 and going from 'I'd never be caught dead doing a triathlon' to wanting to take on 140.6 miles of swim-bike-run. 

I wobbled my way round my first sprint in April 2016, having only set arse on a road bike a few weeks before hand, and that was that. I was well and truly hooked on the triathlon life. It's been a huge learning curve, but I've gone from barely being able to stay upright on a bike and never having run further than 13.1 miles, to completing an Ironman 70.3, competing at the ETU standard distance AG championships and finishing two full distance Ironman races.

With Ironman Copenhagen 2018 and Ironman Zurich 2019 under my race belt, my sights are now set on Ironman Vitoria-Gasteiz and I'm ready to work harder than ever, push myself further and go beyond the comfort zone to really see what I can do.

Triathlon has helped me to discover my strength, my confidence, a new found appreciation for caffeine - and it's taken me on adventures beyond my wildest dreams. I absolutely love this sport and if I'm not training, I'm probably daydreaming about training. 'Jennifer Sophie' is my little corner of the internet where I ramble about the tri life.

I'm always open to a chat (especially when it involves swim-bike-run) so send me an email at jennifersophiefitness@gmail.com or get in touch on twitter: @jennifersophiee

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