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The Training Diaries: Ironman Zurich 2019 - "And So It Begins..."

I've come to realise that, when a new Ironman training plan from my coach drops into my inbox, there will always be a moment where I wonder how the hell I'm going to tackle all these sessions. Shortly followed by a moment where I begin to wonder if my coach is trying to kill me. I mean,  I am pretty annoying and death by swim-bike-run would be a great way to disguise a murder plan - "she died doing what she loved..."

As scary and intimidating as the long training block ahead of me may look, this is what I love doing. And this year I even made it through the first look at my Phase 1 training plan without having a panicky "I've bitten off more than I can chew" cry - take that, anxiety and self-doubt. As much as my quads might have squealed a little at the prospect of all those tough sessions when my plan arrived two weeks ago, the excitement quickly kicked in and I was chomping at the bit (and the last of the Christmas cheese), ready to get started. Naturally, I woke up with a cold the very next day so week 1 was compromised slightly by the mountains of snot I was producing. Thankfully, I am a snot monster no longer and halfway through week 2 I'm already feeling the benefits of being back into the training groove. I've missed this.

It's a strange feeling, going in for Ironman round 2. Last year I had the rookie card at my disposal and the only real expectation on my shoulders was to finish. But this year,  I've got a bit of experience behind me and the knowledge that I can do this. Which means the pressure I'm putting on myself has doubled and I want to try to make some big improvements. I was so happy with my performance at Ironman Copenhagen last year - to go from barely being able to ride a bike and never having run long distances, to coming away with a 12 and a half hour finish time was more than I ever dreamt I could achieve when I first started out 2 or so years ago. But it also feels like I've only just started to scratch the surface. Ironman Copenhagen was all about finding out if I could do it. Ironman Zurich is about finding out what I can really do and how far I can go - because I'm hoping these pasty little lamb-chop legs of mine have got a lot more in them.

So Project Toblerone is on. I'm going to train hard, train smart and give it everything I've got. Whilst trying not to lose my marbles or deplete the entire world of its peanut butter supply in the process.

185 days to go - if you can't find me, check the turbo trainer. Pedalling for pizza.

Let me know where you're racing this year - I like to be nosy! @jennifersophiee

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