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The Tri-mas Gift Guide: Last Minute Presents for the Swim-Bike-Run Obsessed Weirdo in Your Life

Nobody panic, but this time next week we'll all be nursing our Christmas dinner food babies and falling asleep head first in the Quality Street tin. If, like me, you like to add a sense of urgency to your Christmas shopping by leaving it all to the final hour you may still be scratching your head about what to buy that triathlon-inclined human in your life. So I've popped together a last minute gift guide of things that you can (just about) get in time - perfect for when a soap on a rope or a bottle of talc just won't cut it.

The Ultimate Winter Cycling Jacket
The Stolen Goat Climb & Conquer range is the ultimate "no excuses" winter gear. The cycling jackets are wind and waterproof (which I can vouch for after a soggy morning in the Lake District back in October!) and come equipped with the cosiest fleecy lining. Add in some snazzy designs along with a highly reflective panel on the back to keep you visible out on the roads on those gloomy winter days, and you're on to a winner. Order from the Stolen Goat website before 21st December with next day delivery to earn yourself some serious gift-giving points.

Training Peaks Premium Membership
Give the gift of nerdiness and send your loved one down into the triathlon training data rabbit hole. Training Peaks is a great way to monitor progress, keep track of sessions and ensure you're training smart. Head on over to https://www.trainingpeaks.com for more info.

A Triathlon Race Entry
Okay, this is potentially on the risky side - maybe don't sign someone up for the Norseman if they've just made a few noises about maybe-someday-potentially doing a sprint triathlon. But if you know there's a race your partner in tri has been eyeing up, buying them their entry is a great gift. It shows you've been listening and it means they can go and blow the money they would have spent on the race fee on more Lycra. Winner!

Nothing spoils a bike ride like frozen feet. Banish the winter blues by treating your loved one to some new cycling overshoes. The Gore Wear C5 Windstopper Thermo Overshoes feature a thermo lining to keep those tootsies toasty, and fully-taped seams to keep the elements at bay. Order from Wiggle before 12 noon on Thursday to sneak them into Santa's sack in time.

Sports Massage Gift Vouchers
Living with a triathlete can be a bit like living with the Tin Man when he's due a top up of WD40. We like to complain about our this, that and the other aching. All the time. A sports massage is a great way to get shot of those knots. Groupon is a handy place to get vouchers online for local therapists and you can also book online using Treatwell. If you happen to be local to MK - my coach Campbell Noon from Re-Leaf MK is doing vouchers at the moment so it's worth getting in touch!

TriathlonLIVE Subscription
Help your loved one reach peak super fan status with a subscription to TriathlonLIVE - a streaming service that lets you watch all of the elite World Triathlon Series races. Yes, it's as gloriously nerdy as it sounds and I'll admit to spending way more time than is strictly necessary camped out on the couch watching the pros battle it out (when I should probably have been out training myself...)

A Bloomin' Good Bike Fit and Service
Treat the trusty steed to an end of year tune up at your local bike shop. Or go one step further and treat the tri-fiend in your life to a really good bike fit - I had one at Corley's MK earlier in the year and it made a world of difference to my comfort and efficiency on the bike.

Coffee (aka the Triathlete's Elixir of Life)
Triathlon is all fun and games until you're trying to fit 20 hours+ of Ironman training into a week whilst still vaguely doing your job and keeping some sort of decorum in other aspects of your life. Throw together early mornings and tough training sessions and you've got a whole bunch of individuals who are 90% water, 10% caffeine.* Present a triathlete with a decent batch of the good stuff and they'll be yours forever. Add a cycling twist to the grind with Stolen Goat's recently launched line of coffee - they've even got some super cute travel flasks to go with it!
(*10 points to Gryffindor if you spotted the Gilmore Girls reference)

In Case of Emergency: Buy Socks
Really stuck for ideas? Need a stocking stuffer? Between all the running and the biking, triathletes go through socks like my dog goes through supposedly indestructible dog toys. They will never turn their nose up at a new pair. I'll be here until New Years Eve if I list all the various options, but currently on my wish-list for warmth are the DeFeet Woolie Boolies; for sassy designs are the SG range; and for blister-free running the Hilly Twin Skin.

Happy shopping! Don't forget to use my code 'jenny10' if you do end up treating someone (or yourself... "one for me, one for you" is a totally legit gifting strategy) to something from Stolen Goat. Oh and Father Christmas, if you're reading this, I've been extra good this year and I really wouldn't complain if a Canyon Aeroad happened to appear under the tree!

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