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A Stormy Off-Season

It's safe to say that off-season has been somewhat tumultuous. October saw a series of events that brought stress, grief and anxiety in equal measures. Structured training flew out of the window, running simply became a form of therapy and the focus was to just keep going. I was more or less ready to grow a beard and run off with the first circus that would have me, when November came along and brought with it an antidote to some of October's sadness. G asked me to marry him (I said yes!), we fi-na-lly sold our house, moved out within a week and had our offer accepted on a new one - 2 sleeps until we get the keys! High highs to contrast the low lows. Structure was flung aside yet again - this time for far happier reasons. Packing and lifting boxes became my strength training. Galloping up and down the stairs became my cardio. And, of course, now that things have calmed down ever so slightly my body  has decided to be mildly ill for the whole of December so far. Meaning that any training as of late has been A) slightly tentative and B) scuppered by the dreaded combo of naff weather and no turbo set up. Keep Zwift warm for me, I'll be back.

But c'est la vie. Better for life to be disruptive now than during the pointy end of training. With the last couple of months being a bit of a write off, my sights are firmly set on 2019. Ironman Zurich is on the horizon and, after a strategy meeting with my coach, Project Toblerone is officially on. Ironman Copenhagen gave me a good line in the sand, but this time I mean business. When it comes to Ironman #2, there will be no messing around (and hopefully no swimming off in the wrong direction...) Goals have been set, puke in your mouth at the sound of it sessions have been discussed and I'm ready to work harder than ever. Which means I'll be needing more chocolate milk than ever. Replenish your supplies now folks, while you've got the chance.

With a wedding to plan, a change of scenery (no, you're freaking out!) and a new house to sort out, 2019 is going to be a busy one. But life's no fun when you're not swim-bike-running by the seat of your pants - right?

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