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The Training Diaries: Ironman Copenhagen - The Final Countdown

"It's the final countdown! Doo doo doo, doo! Doo doo doo doo doo!"

Can you tell I'm excited? It's t-minus 5 days until I get on the start line at KMD Ironman Copenhagen. This time next week, I should be the proud owner of 1 big shiny Ironman medal, 1 finisher t-shirt and 2 very sore legs (because we all know the second day DOMs is when sh*t really gets real). The bags are just about packed, the bikes are tucked up in their boxes and soon we'll be hitting the road for endurance event number 1 - the long drive to Denmark. It's going to be an adventure.

It's all feeling a bit surreal at the moment. It feels like only a nanosecond has passed since I was stood at the finish line of Ironman Bolton in 2015 on support crew duties for G, feeling kind of incredulous that actual human beings had managed to complete 140.6 miles of swimming, cycling and running and were still in one piece. It seemed impossible. I wanted in. "When I grow up, I'm going to be an Ironman!" Now here I am, big girl pants firmly on and ready to go. Everything I've done over the last 2 years has been leading up to this and now it's time to put my tri suit where my mouth is and see what I can do. 

Tapering off this last week or so has been weird and it's made me realise just how much I've loved my training this year. Okay, the big 7 hour training days, the 5 hour turbo stints (thanks, Beast from the East) and the freezing early season lake swims were tough. But getting out there and getting it done, feeling my body getting stronger with every session? It's been awesome and I kind of don't want it to stop. I'm definitely happiest when I've got training to do and a goal to aim for! 

So here it goes - the culmination of 112 hours of running,  146 hours of cycling, 33 hours of swimming. 1,152 km travelled on foot, 4,193km on two wheels and 101,282m spent doing my best mermaid (aka sea cucumber) impression. Blood, sweat, blisters, tears. God knows how many fig rolls and litres of chocolate milk. Obscene amounts of time spent galloping about in fluorescent, stretchy clothing. Now, it all comes down to one day. Obviously I've got a time in mind that I'd like to achieve but the perk of this being my first Ironman is that as long as I finish it's a guaranteed PB! And "just finishing" is a huge achievement in itself. It's a long day and I know from my experience at IM 70.3 Zell am See that anything can happen. Come what may. The plan is to control the controllable, race strong, enjoy the experience and give it everything I've got. Whatever happens, as long as I can come away from it knowing I've done my best I'll be happy. I've got my mantras in my pocket - "things get tough, you get tougher", "suck it up princess", "don't be shit" - and a determined fire in my belly. Add in the promise of Danish pastries and beer once I've finished and I'm good to go. Ironman Copenhagen, I hope you're ready because this little lycra-clad weirdo is coming for you!

See you on the other side...

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