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Your Body is Not The Enemy

It's Valentine's Day and, to quote Hugh Grant, love actually is all around. It seems like this year so many people have taken today as an opportunity to show their love and appreciation of friends and loved ones, as well as partners. All this love stuff has got me thinking about self-love - and the lack of it (not in that way, cheeky.)

Working in the fitness industry, I come across a lot of people who hate their bodies. Who see their health and fitness journey as a means of waging a war on their body. 'If I could just get rid of this'... 'Ugh, look at that'... I think we can all be guilty of looking in the mirror and saying things about ourselves that we wouldn't dream of saying about a friend/loved one. (I honestly say the most horrible things about myself sometimes, so this is as much a note to self as it is to anyone who might happen to be reading!) Think about the last thing your inner critic told you about yourself. Now imagine looking someone you care about in the eye, and saying it about them - to them. It would feel awful and you probably wouldn't want to. It's time we prioritise treating ourselves with the same respect and kindness that, most of us, extend to others.

So what does this mean in terms of health and fitness? It means taking a moment to be proud of what your body can do. Reflecting on what your body is capable of - and what it could be capable of - rather than focusing solely on how much your body weighs, or what dress size you take. Self-love doesn't mean not implementing positive change. It means caring for your body and giving it what it needs. Getting to a healthy weight because you deserve to feel good. Eating well, because your body works hard and it needs the right fuel. Exercising, because there's nothing better than setting yourself a challenge and seeing what your body can do.

This love and kindness towards others that we throw around like confetti come Valentine's Day? We should be grabbing a great big bucket of it, throwing it over our heads and having a roll around in the stuff on the daily. Because us and our bodies - we're pretty damn amazing.

Your body is not the enemy. So stop treating it like one. Love it, care for it, respect it. Find that positive motivation, because it'll make that process of getting fitter, healthier and stronger so much more enjoyable.

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