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A Bit of Positivity: Your Body is Amazing

It's New Year's resolution season. That time of year when we're all encouraged to make huge, drastic changes whilst constantly being reminded how crap we currently are by various adverts and articles (usually pedalling "miracle" products and false promises).

It's important at this time of year to remember that you and your body are amazing. Whatever your goal for the year is, whether it's improving your fitness or getting back in to that pair of jeans, let your motivation come from a positive place. Choose to make healthy changes because you love your body, and you deserve to feel your best. Challenge yourself to see what you can achieve - because, honestly, you are stronger, braver and more capable than you think.

Always remember that, despite what Instagram tells us, there is no cookie cutter mould for the perfect healthy body. Healthy comes in all shapes and sizes. You are more than just the number on the scales.

You and that body of yours are in this thing together. Your body is what allows you to taste, to touch and to feel. To love, to experience all the wonders and joys that this planet has to offer. It's what has carried you through exams, job interviews and slightly awkward office parties. Your body is what allows you to experience life, so treat it well and treat it with kindness.

Let's make a resolution this January to be kind to ourselves. To make small, healthy changes. To take things one step at a time. To celebrate what we've already achieved (no matter how small), and to get excited about how much further we can go.

Let's make a resolution not to buy into the body negativity and the fad diets that we seem to be inundated with this time of year, but to treat our bodies well. To invest time into ourselves and to believe in ourselves. Remember - you are awesome, and you've got this. Bring it on, 2017.

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