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Be Brave with Your Life

When I was younger, I thought courage and bravery only came in great forms. The lion tamer, the dragon slayer... Getting up to go to the loo in the night without switching on every single light in the house. Setting off on a marvellous, worldwide adventure or leaping off of something very tall. But in recent times I've realised that sometimes the things that require the most courage, the biggest dose of bravery, are seemingly smaller and slightly more subtle. Being brave isn't always about doing something huge.

It's about having the courage to build a life that makes you happy. Being brave enough to speak up when something's not quite right. To walk away, if you find yourself in the wrong place. It's about letting your guard down and listening to your heart every now and then. Fighting for your dreams, no matter how small, or ridiculous, or scary they may seem.

Bravery is about having faith in your ideas, your knowledge and your abilities. Letting go of self-doubt, and the expectations of others. Being kind, being generous and changing your perspective from time to time. Having the courage to find, and to follow, the path that's right for you. No matter how different, or unexpected it might be. It's risking a fall, because you might just fly.

Sometimes it's easier to just accept things the way they are. To stay in your comfort zone, to keep on keeping on. Just remember that you are strong, you are smart and you deserve a life that you love.

Be brave with your life and let courage guide the way.


So... life update. 10 months after leaving my PR job, here I am. A fully qualified personal trainer (with a pilates qualification on the way!), who has just quit her gym job to go freelance and set up her own business. God knows I'm scared and full of apprehension. But more importantly, I'm excited and I'm determined. For a few months there, things got a little bit foggy and I kind of lost sight of why I did all of this in the first place. But I've taken a breath. I've got my clarity and my passion back, and I can't wait to see what happens next. Wish me luck!

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