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Tourist in My Own Town: Trinity Kitchen, Leeds City Museum and The Royal Armouries

I finished my degree back in May, so I spent my last few weeks in Leeds trying to make the most of the city (which mainly involved eating out... a lot). I've moved home to Hertfordshire now so these pictures are making me feel all nostalgic.

My boyfriend came to stay for the weekend after I finished my exams and we spent a day being tourists. Our first stop was Trinity Kitchen which is upstairs in the Trinity Shopping centre and has so much yummy food to choose from it took me about half an hour to decide what to eat. Life is hard sometimes. After a lot of deliberation we finally settled on the Chicago Rib Shack - best. burger. ever. Feeling a bit like we'd consumed a small cow (no regrets) we headed to the Leeds City Museum. It's got a few interactive bits and pieces which is always good if you've got kids (or if you're childish like me) and it's free! There was an exhibition of work by local amateur photographers which I really loved. After that we wondered down towards the Clarence Dock area by the canal, via Starbucks because I have a slight frappe addiction going on, to go the Royal Armouries which has loads of big swords and stuff - always fun. I really like the area down by the canal, I think if I ever end up living back in Leeds I'll have to get myself a little flat down there. Super cute.

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