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Photo Diary: Tea and Cake at Wimpole Hall

I'm back in Hertfordshire for the Easter holidays at the moment so I've been spending some time with my family and making the most of having the countryside on my doorstep. My Dad and I took my Mum for tea and cake at Wimpole Hall (which is about half an hour up the road in Cambridgeshire) on Monday for a belated Mother's Day treat. We took the pup for a walk around the grounds - it's just been lambing season so there was lots of fluffy bundles of cuteness leaping around! Having worked up our cake-appetites on the walk we headed to the restaurant (which has a lovely outdoor patio area) for homemade cakes and a pot of tea. Wimpole Hall is a great place to visit for walking the dog, although the fields all have livestock so it's best to keep your furry companions on the lead to avoid any sheep-related mishaps! There's also a home farm and tours of the Hall itself so it's well worth a visit.

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