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Lily Lolo Flawless Matte Finishing Powder

Hello! Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend - I've been hibernating a little bit and watching this video on repeat. I just really love Frozen. I'm meeting some friends at the pub this afternoon so I should probably stop being such a little sloth. 

I first came across Lily Lolo over the summer and it's a brand I've been really excited to try. I love that their products are free from parabens and other nasties so they don't clog up your skin and judging from their social media feeds, they just seem to really care about their customers.

Flawless Matte Finishing Powder - £13.49

My foundation has a fairly dewy finish so I need a finishing powder to set my makeup in place and to stop my skin from looking too shiny over the course of the day. I'm super pale (I'm talking Mac NC15 pale here) and I often find drugstore powders can be that little bit too dark for my skin, so I've been looking for a good translucent powder. Flawless matte is a great product if you have combination skin - it keeps any oily areas in check without drying out the rest of my skin or looking chalky. It gives a really nice, natural finish and it definitely makes my makeup last longer.

Sample Size Translucent Silk Finishing Powder - £1.49
Sample Size Mineral Shimmer in Stardust - £1.49

I love that Lily Lolo have sample sizes of their products available to purchase. I wish more companies did this, especially when you're ordering online. I wasn't sure if the flawless matte finishing powder would be too drying for my skin, so I initially ordered samples of the matte and the silk finish. I prefer the matte for everyday wear, but the silk is nice for an evening look. I was hoping to use the mineral shimmer as a highlighter but thanks to my pale skin it's a teeny bit too dark, so I've just been using it every now and then as a subtle bronzer instead.

I've been really impressed with Lily Lolo so far, I'll definitely have to try out a few more of their products soon.

Have a lovely Sunday! 

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  1. The matte finishing powder sounds perfect for me! Selling sample sizes is a pretty genius idea.

    Tara x


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