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I Don't Know About You, But I'm Feeling 22

I turned 22 last Friday (an excellent opportunity to force my Boyfriend to listen to that Taylor Swift song on repeat all day) so I was back home for the weekend. I pretty much just ate loads and loads of food - my boyfriend made me pancakes for breakfast and later on we headed into Hitchin for a trip to Just Desserts who serve the best waffles known to mankind. We then spent the evening eating our own weight in chinese food, having a Harry Potter marathon and finding room to squeeze in a little bit more cake. I feel a bit like Bruce Bogtrotter right now. On Saturday, I went to Southwold with my parents and my dog to spend the day frolicking on the beach. We got super lucky with the weather and were even able to sit outside on the pier eating fish and chips! I had a second birthday in Leeds on Tuesday with my uni pals so all in all it's been a successful week. Back to reality and essay writing now - boo!

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