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I Don't Know About You, But I'm Feeling 22

I turned 22 last Friday (an excellent opportunity to force my Boyfriend to listen to that Taylor Swift song on repeat all day) so I was back home for the weekend. I pretty much just ate loads and loads of food - my boyfriend made me pancakes for breakfast and later on we headed into Hitchin for a trip to Just Desserts who serve the best waffles known to mankind. We then spent the evening eating our own weight in chinese food, having a Harry Potter marathon and finding room to squeeze in a little bit more cake. I feel a bit like Bruce Bogtrotter right now. On Saturday, I went to Southwold with my parents and my dog to spend the day frolicking on the beach. We got super lucky with the weather and were even able to sit outside on the pier eating fish and chips! I had a second birthday in Leeds on Tuesday with my uni pals so all in all it's been a successful week. Back to reality and essay writing now - boo!

Love Rouge Bakery, Leeds

Hello! Hope everyone's having a good week (and if not at least it's very nearly Friday!) It's my 22nd birthday tomorrow, so I've just arrived back home in Hertfordshire for birthday frolics and cuddles with my dog. I'm hopefully spending tomorrow with my boyfriend (I've sent in a formal request for pancakes and prosecco at breakfast time) and then my parents are taking me to Southwold for a day by the sea on Saturday.

Yesterday, my lovely housemates and I went for lunch at Love Rouge Bakery which is tucked away in the Headingley area of Leeds. We've been regular customers since we discovered it in our first year of uni and it's safe to say we're going to miss it loads when we graduate! The cafe has a cute vintage-kitsch feel to it, with mismatched crockery and quirky decor, which is the perfect environment to enjoy their amazing range of cupcakes and other baked goods. My housemate Caroline had a slice of oreo cheesecake-cake (if that makes sense?) yesterday and it looked so nice, I'm going to have to go back again ASAP to get me a slice of that goodness. They also do great breakfasts and lunches, I had a chicken, chorizo and mustard mayo bagel yesterday that I'm still dreaming about - it was like a party in my mouth. Love Rouge also cater for special occasions and you can order cupcakes to be delivered from their website. If you're ever in Leeds it's definitely worth taking a trip to Headingley just to visit this place!

Origins Skincare Favourites

I've had such a lazy weekend, I've mostly been catching up with LFW coverage and watching Ryan Gosling films when I should really have been doing some uni work - oops! 

I started using Origins skincare ranges back in August after seeing Kate feature their products. My skin was really playing up so I decided to invest in some skincare that would be a little kinder to my skin than the stuff I was using. The improvement in my skin is unbelievable - what I'd call a bad skin day now is what was a good skin day back in August (does that even make sense...?) Origins, you had me at hello.

001. Out of Trouble Mask - £22

I use this about twice a week to give my skin a good cleanse. It's great at getting rid of any lurkers that are threatening to come through and it's gentle enough that it doesn't leave my skin feeling all tight and dry. If my skin is being particularly mischievous I sometimes dab a little of this onto problem areas and leave it on over night which really clears things up.

002. Checks and Balances Cleanser - £18

Checks and Balances is a frothy face wash, which kind of scared me a bit incase it made my skin super dry, but it's great for combination-dry skin - I have no idea how it works but it sorts out dry patches and oilier areas without irritating my skin at all. You only need a pea sized amount to cleanse your whole face so I think this is going to last me forever!

003. Make A Difference Rejuvenating Treatment Lotion - £20

I use this lotion as a toner after cleansing. It smells amazing (it makes me want to eat my face) and leaves my skin feeling nice and refreshed. This goes really nicely with my Make A Difference moisturiser, I think it just helps the moisturiser to sink in.

004. GinZing Eye Cream - £23

This is a sample size pot I got from the Origins counter when I went to buy the Out of Trouble mask, but I'm definitely going to repurchase this when I run out. It has a really nice 'zingy' sensation and helps to make my eyes feel more awake and look brighter in the morning. It also smells insanely good.

004. Night-A-Mins Night Cream - £34

Another sample pot that I'm going to have to repurchase - that's some good marketing you've got there Origins. This is really rich and creamy so I only use it a few times a week if my skin is feeling a little parched (I use my make a difference moisturiser the rest of the time). I think this is a great product for dry/combination-dry skin types but it might be a bit too rich for those on the oilier side of things.

005. Make A Difference Plus Rejuvenating Moisturiser - £34

I love this moisturiser so much, it's a little pricey on my student budget but this is the only moisturiser I've found that can nourish my skin enough without making me break out, so for me it's money well spent!  I use this in the combination-dry edition, but there's also an ultra rich version for super dry skin and a combination-oily version. Even though it's expensive, you don't need to use as much product as you would with other moisturisers so this it lasts a long time - I've had this pot since August and I'm only just starting to run low.

006. Super Spot Remover - £14

This has been my saving grace so many times, it calms down blemishes so quickly and gets things under control without drying or making the skin more irritated. It's a teeny tiny bottle but you hardly need any product so it lasts well.

I think it's going to take a lot for me to be tempted away from Origins products, they just really work for my skin type. I've currently got my eye on the Clear Improvements charcoal mask, the Vitazing moisturiser and the Dr Weil Mega Mushroom lotion, someone stop me...

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